“Welcome back the ‘90s, in particular, the era of the fanny pack…”- GQ StyleFanny packs, Waist Bags, Waist Packs, Belt bag or Bum belt whichever name you prefer, are currently enjoying an earned revival in modern fashion.Originally made as an all purpose purse, tool bag or utility bag, the Fanny pack rose in fame, and like everything fashion paid it dues, went out of vogue, and in no time relegated to the our waists of our ‘rural’ uncles and aunts or in some climates artisans and traders. Recent years has seen the skyrocket growth of the streetwear fashion culture and brand, with this rise bringing along with it forgotten fashion gems amongst which thankfully, is the Fanny Pack.The Fanny pack, having a rich history of embracing a wide range of colours, and an even wider size variety returns, makes a bolder statement for relevance and takes a prime space amongst the fashion picks of the Millennials and online influencers. It’s utility nature means you can wear this item on your waist or secure it across your chest for a cross-body hold. Either way you’ll surely be making a statement.”Practicality is often what brings fashion’s past into the present.”- GQ StyleWith a fanny pack, practicality is definitely not an hindrance, as it helps you keep your valuables in front of you and less worried about safety, coupled with this new fashion age of ‘Saying more with Less’ overstuffed pockets are just not the look. Fanny packs help free your pockets—and your hands—by stashing your phone, wallet, keys, and contraband in one of these small designer pouches.This ‘revival’ as also been fueled by the enthusiasm of a few legacy fashion houses to adopt and integrate modern streetwear culture, thus prompting a steady supply of new releases, more design options, wild color schemes as everyone tries to out do themselves. As a quick glance at the runways will show you. Sadly, like everything high-fashion embraces the fanny pack has seen an enormous inflation in price with some brands selling for as high as $700 – $1200 per bag. But you won’t necessarily need be spending big bucks on designer-label waist packs, as they can rather be shopped for at thrift stores or flea markets at more affordable rates.The Fanny pack is no longer a symbol of obscurity and ‘old-fashioned’, it is now fully embraced as part of today’s fashion and hopefully will have a longer stint, because truthfully who does not love a good ‘ol waist bag.

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