Anime, a term used loosely to describe Japanese created hand drawn animations that have over the years captured the attention of children, youth, teenagers and even adults all across the world. The word anime in Japanese simply means animation, but to English speakers, it is used to describe Japanese animation specifically. The first ones ever made have been traced back to the year 1917 where short 2 minute animations without sound were made. But following the Walt Disney feature film “snow white and the seven dwarfs”, anime producers were inspired write longer length series and with the advent of modern technology, the anime industry has grown into multi billion dollar industry. The love for anime is related to a lot factors, the outlandish themes, the intriguing visuals and a captivating plot, several animes have been made to the majority of the tastes of everyone from the little children’s comic stories to the adult themed “hentai” and “ecchi” anime.

The most popular anime popularly referred to in the anime community are Naruto, Bleach and One piece. With Naruto and bleach having ended but one piece is still on going.

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