My review on ready player one
Okay, first we already know that Black Panther is the best movie on the planet currently. And it’s African based so that makes me (a typical African) happy. But then comes Steven Spielberg to actually come close, if not already beating that record. After only a few months!The movie was a classic sci-fi rendition of the future with current day and past time social references. But it also sends a subtle warning message about how bad the world could get with how selfish people currently are. Honestly, it’s the class that was used in making this movie that keeps you hooked. Classic adventure, classic romance, classic weird friends, a classic comedic edge to it and of course (spoiler alert), a classic ending. It was perfect honestly. The story, casting, visuals, production, just perfect. If there was ever such, I’d give Spielberg this one. A+

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