Okay, so I saw Rampage a while back and here’s my review.
Rampage is definitely a blockbuster action movie. And of course it doesn’t hurt that the Rock’s there too. I loved pretty much every scene. It was witty, funny, the dialogue was pretty good. Russell was a bit weird at some point (you’ll see him in the movie), I don’t know if that was conscious. And the Rock looks nothing like anyone who would answer the name Okoye! But sure let’s just give it a pass cause it’s the Rock. The graphics were awesome, screenplay brilliant, production and directing all good. And of course animals seem to pull on certain heart strings of most humans. By the way the ape’s an asshole. But you can’t hate him (you can’t, trust me). All in all I’ll give it an A-. Mostly because there wasn’t much character depth (they kinda just kept coming out of nowhere), but I guess you can expect that seeing that there’s a low likelihood of a sequel. Plus it’s getting quite a bit of traffic (money).

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