First of all, I’d like to acknowledge the fact that yet another African (Nigerian in fact) is on the big screen. And John Boyega is in yet another block buster (after Star Wars). So, we winnin!.

Now for the actual movie itself? I’d give it a shaky B+. I acknowledge that they’re try to become a major dominant franchise, and so they got some young guys to be the new generation yaegers (see the movie). But this movie felt like they were trying too hard. Some scenes were very satisfying, but for the most part it was just smash smash smash!!! The visuals were awesome, so there’s that. Production was good (they played a song by Wizkid!), the story felt a bit compressed (three hours ironically) and it didn’t feel like there’s gonna be another sequel (even though it’s very likely; they’ll probably pull a story out somewhere the sun don’t shine). All in all, i give it a shaky B+.

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