Odunsi The Engine; The man with the rare album

Hi guys, i’m not much of a talker or writer so i will go straight into it. Today i will be dropping my thoughts on rare.

I’ll start with the album cover, the main album cover though, because there seems to be a few pictures here and there, so i will just talk about the one on itunes. If you haven’t seen it i’ll paint a vivid picture for you. From L-R we have 3 ladies standing and a guy in oversize briefs sitting all wearing white attires… ok ok, the image is just down here… 

Moving on from my failed attempt too describe the album cover, i have to say the cover is a mad work of art (to me though) because i find it very subjective and open to interpretation; basically i feel odunsi sees himself as the reprobate who has proved the doubters wrong, and the pointed 80’s shoe sets a precedence of some sort of old school vibe which is exactly the vibe you get when listening to the album.

Before listening to this album, i had my mind set for odunsi’s conventional afro-fusion alternative sounds, similar to the one i got from his first project “TIME OF OUR LIVES” which got me hooked to his music.

So moving onto analysis

[TRACK 1. RARE] completely throws me off balance, it had solemn vibes and the statement or message he tried to pass across was super clear “ITS HIS TIME AND NOBODY COULD TELL HIM NOTHING”, the soundbite after the vocals showed how confident and carefree he was. This moved into;

[TRACK 2. FALLING]  the transition was a vibe and by now i was hearing a more familiar sound but there was a twist, it was old school and i was loving the jiggy vibes it gave me.

[TRACK 3. TAKE ME THERE] a short track which held alot of vocal prowess from hamzaa and lady donli, the track ended with vocals from idris king who spoke about odunsi’s mood swings and overcoming them.

[TRACK 4. OUTCAST] so odunsi was kicked out of highschool!!! that was my first reaction to this track, and as the title implies, he claimed he felt like an outcast and to God be the glory he was feeling right now, hanging out with friends and clearly he cant be stopped from improving. what an inspiring track i must say

[TRACK 5. DIVINE] jam! jam!! jam!!! this is arguably by best track off the album, odunsi literally inducted davido to the alté world, i never expected davido to sing with such low vocals and it was amazing and then Sola King was super amazing too #just bounce to this…

[TRACK 6. WANTED YOU] Seemed like prince re-incarnated and jumped on this, the synth was amazing and the vocals were on point. Definetly brought the old, funky vibes(remember the shoes)

[TRACK 7. ANGEL] RnB/Soul artist Duendita joins odunsi to produce probably the most soulful love song i have heard this year, it literally had me thinking if anyone got me or if i had someone to care for so much… OMG, i was in my feelings!!!

[TRACK 8. TAKE A BREAK] this song made me laugh, not because of the sound but because of odunsi’s yoruba, it was hilarious. But genarally its a good song.

[TRACK 9. EXPRESS] this track featured NastyC and Santi, i was getting disco, funk, trap vibes from the album,got me out of the dull vibes of the preceding songs.

[TRACK 10. DANCE FLOOR] Prince would be proud of odunsi with this track,the disco vibes on the album was tuned up and this is the perfect disco song for any 80’s themed party you plan to throw.

[TRACK 11. STAR SIGNS] the soundgod brought some finesse and this is a definite fan favourite,even the non alté people.

[TRACK 12. GREEN LIGHT] At this point,I’ve pretty much settled into the album and Tay Iwar simply brings that extra finesse to the track.

[TRACK 13. HECTIC] The last track officially and it was properly closed by the trio of 234 Jaydee,Amaarae and solis.

In conclusion,I would love to say this was a good album and an outstanding first album too. Though odunsi took risks, i guess the risk paid off well as the songs on the album are slowly creeping into playlists of Nigerians who wouldn’t even bother to listen on an ideal day.




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