FALL ‘18

ALAKOBA: (Yoruba) ɑ:lɑ:kəʊ:bɑ

Definition :

I. is an individual that gets others in trouble

II. is a person who knowingly or unknowingly gets others in a bind – by association or by being in the person’s vicinity.

III. is when you’re in a canoe in the middle of the river, and someone starts singing “Mami water power- powerless power”

Synonyms- kobalizer

This Fall, the Maki Oh woman finds herself unwittingly weaving herself out of the Alakoba’s words. Words that speak of the intimate unadorned desires of the African woman- lingerie, sexual freedom and daring seduction. As though all exist framed in a single narrative of lust.

For Fall, our journey explores and unravels the Alakoba’s single story by creating an accurate narrative.
Here, our muse returns home from work on a clear-skied Thursday evening, slips into comfortable garb and unveils a ‘lazy sensuality’

The shapes and textures take direction from the apparel of daily life’s comfort wear: robes, towels, wrappers, sweatpants etc. All set against a Maki Oh lens.
The collection, through its starker material contrasts, allows for voyeuristic glimpses of how these intimate moments of expression are devised. It plays with the perception of sensuality and seduction existing in the fabric of comfortable garments that are usually worn daily at home.
After-work tweed jackets are unlined and unfussy, Leather- instead of silk, is paired with lace as negligée and silk skirts are gathered and ruched to illustrate the fragility of wrapping only a piece of fabric around her body.
Colours are muted to express clear, simple intentions. Adire’s indigo is left in it’s traditional blue hues, while bronze adds nectar.

Our muse speaks only for herself – and a simple, quiet and comfortable allure.



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