By: Osijo Adedeji
Photographs; Yusuf Sanni, G L Askew

Hey, whats up peeps?

I’m just going to skip all the formal hullabaloo and say welcome to TheUrbanSytem, not like you don’t already know that (but my boss said to be polite)
Anyways, lets talk about Burnaaaaaa boooooy!
The singer whose real name is Damini Ogulu, trust me, lots of people don’t know Burna boy is Igbo.

He is a Singer-Songwriter, Performer and a dancer (lol, if you call that dance). He’s signed to Atlantic records and has been active from 2010 up till now *claps hands*
OluwaBurna like we all know him focuses is music “chi” on Afro fusion, pop, Afro Beat, reggae, dancehall, Hip Hop and Trap.
With all these stated above, we all can agree that Burna boy is a Gem, but many seem to think or say he is underated!

Naaaah, I don’t think so!
You think otherwise, good for you. Burna boy has the same platform like any other artiste out there, he recently sold out the O2, how’s that for underated. His style of music is different, sure! But maybe the only thing letting Burna down is his fans(myself inclusive) and maybe Burna himself.
We all just want to sit on the other end of our data connection and tweet about Burna, or post his picture and say “god of em all”, which is in its own way cool, but how many of us really support this hommie, when he gets nominated, you vote? When he’s on tour, do you go? When his album drops, do you buy? Thats from the fan side.

Not comparing him to WizKid though or any artist out there, but WizKid sings, well, for kids most times but he still ain’t resting on his oars and saying good music does the job for me, everybody has to fight to be out there, and thats what Burna boy has lacked, that spirit to fight for the top spot. But this year, he seems to be on a roll, and maybe if he keeps it up, he might end up there, at the top or noooot!
But its good to see Burna come out and put these guys in their place, wearing his nets shirt, hipFunk glasses and big ass jeans, I’m saying “cool fashion sense”

So what you say! Is Burna underated?

PS- this is my POV, go on ahead and state yours.

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