This week on Urban5 drags Us into the Nigerian music industry and we look at male fashion in Nigeria. It’s quite obvious our male celebs sure do know how to dress, they know what’s trendy and they go for them.
Urban5 scanned through the industry, and we selected our top5. Notable mentions to the big dogs who didn’t make my cut: D’banj, wizky, Davido, tekno, kiss daniel , bankyW and all others not on this list.
Lets gooooooo!


1. Adekunle is not the usual flashy artiste, but his fashion is his. He slips into something colourful, sometimes dull, but comfy. Adekunle Gold is one of those few that has successfully carved out their own style but then its not just about bringing your own style, its about bringing something remarkably unique, stylish and fashionable.  His Ankara fusion is 💯 and not a regular in celebrity fashion, that’s creativity in action. Popularly known as the King of Photoshop, maybe he Photoshopped the fashion style, but today he sits as our king of Fashion.


2. Runtown- Nigerian producer,singer/songwriter and first artist to top charts in African countries,does music that is hard not to like, but his fashion sense is quite different. He does funky newskool.
He has a unique way of dressing and in a way blends with his cool nature and style of music. He has a style worthy of emulation.2b2506ab7ff303dceed06bc88ae04743

3. Panshak Zamani came into limelight after his “Oleku” track. Ice prince has also earned himself a name on the fashion scene. His wardrobe speaks of quality and expensive shit. He looks really flashy and vogue. He mostly sticks with whats hot on the market. Panshak Zamani who happens to be a Northerner, and fashion isn’t a big thing with people from this part compared to the cats in the west. His dress sense, haircuts, walking patterns, social media posts are all swaggy but it is alright, little wonder they call him the Super Cool Cat7ed7460c880b0532b772e833151f58c4

4. ‎Dice Ailes the Otedola’  crooner and one of the shining lights from Chocolate City, a label led by Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga, which has consistently come under scrutiny and fire for their direction and comparative lack of dominance in Nigerian pop music, and Hip-hop. But Ailes fashion sense as been top notch, he even bagged most fashionable artist award as one of his several accolades. Switching between the 80’s hiphop and newschool, Dice versatility with his wears are extraordinary earning him my number 4 spot.89653ceb8bdf12f26efbc961ff384c07

5.Inetimi Alfred Odon also known as Timaya also Egberipapa one of Bayelsa is living up to his name. This dude knows how to slay on anything and i am a lover of all of his videos. The walking stick trend and hat on the head is one of the major cruise then just take a look at his lustrous beards (drooling). He has arms and thick bodies that fill up his clothes, even when he took off his dreads, he still nailed the whole look stylishly.b2a42ea64dc7181edffbe5f104ea2eda

This list was compiled by @rogue_kvng( based on his personal preference) , the comment section is opened for your own top5


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