The long awaited GLORY SOUND PREP finally dropped on the 9th day of November, trust me, the only few things I anticipated more than this would be Christmas, Game of Thrones, Infinity war 2 and A year with double Christmas.
If you’ve not heard it, I’m sure you know what to do, but here’s a little peek into the album from my POV.

Mah’s joint ft Quincy jones : its a beauty, but it’s unexplainable, a long sparce of musical instruments joined together in a jon-like fashion, I like the content but the instrumental- not so much, explosive horns? Not really the in thing.

The internet: I felt this one a personal level, it’s a step up from his previous works, a different sound and style with lots of instruments playing in the background.
I don’t know what jon is doing by not sticking to a particular instrumental all through, but he worked this one beautifully well..

Let’s Begin (feat. Roc Marciano, RZA, B.Keyz, Travis Mendes) : I really got Biased here, I’m a big fan of rap, so permit me to drool a bit, the opener and the suspense between the first verse was hella cool. He actually was rapping and ranting on a beat he normally would sing to, ain’t that just genius? And the features and beat swap was cool

Cautionary tales: TBVH, you have to listen to this more than once to actually feel it(if you still do feel it) because I didn’t. Didn’t sound like what I wanted to hear from Jon.

Adult Swim ft Tuami: Another rap song, a lot better than Cautionary tales, but still not up to par with the big boys in the album, but if you a rap head like me, the flow on this was sublime. Damn, jon can rap! The 3rd verse was the best.
Mishap of different beats too.

Couples Retreat; I like this one, nice beat, nice start to it, buuut the twist jon dropped on this new album dropped below expectations. I for one was expecting the all time low jon. Another low point for me.

Blu; this song would be extra dope with a video- super creative animated jon video.

JT: This right here is a reminiscence of jons previous works, I totally fell in love with this on the first listening. The beat was soothing, the lyrics would glue you and when he says jon Travolta! Well, listen and affix your own expression.

Stupid Deep: Also a reminiscence of his good’ol art. Super cool track. He pre- released this beauty and it’s not dying out yet, he made calling yourself and your actions stupid really cool with awesome rendition.

Conversations with my wife: What’s a Jon Bellion album without a nice love Song on it? I personally feel the first three tracks he released were the best on the album, great sound, great delivery. I’ll listen to this one till I get a GF and I don’t Think I’m getting one this year (if you think I would get one and its you, well, hit me up on 0810112… My editor would delete this anyways)(nope i wont delete it)

And there you have it, of 10, I’ll give Glory sound a 6 and thats because I love Jon, if I didn’t, I’ll still give him a 6.
This album reminds of black panther, the hype was mad and people expected more, tbvh, he gave us more, but not just the more we wanted.

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